The Complete Turtletrader Book Review

Submitted by Share Trading on 22 April, 2008 - 13:47

The Complete Turtletrader

This will be a “live book review” of the “Complete Turtletrader” by Michael Covel. What's with the sideway's book cover? Well, this book will definitely change your perspective! I will be jotting my thoughts and impressions of the book as I read through the chapters of the book and highlight some notes for my (and your) benefit.

The Complete Turtletrader made my booklist because I liked reading his blog “Trend Follower”. I liked his thinking and his point-of-view (POV) from the articles he posted and the various podcasts. I also bought his other book “Trend Following”, which I have yet to read. The Turtle Trader was my first choice to read because it was the most recent book to be published among my book purchases (and plus was a hardback and it came in an attractive package: a flash yellow jacket!).

Buying The Complete Turtletrader from Amazon

When I went to visit New York over a month ago for the New York Trading Expo, I ordered a bunch of trading books (which I will soon read) from Amazon. I had saved a list of books I wanted to order whilst I was in America because it's simply cheaper. Shipping is free within the USA. The last time I had stuff sent to my home from Amazon it cost me $65+ for shipping only. And the book is at a substantial discount: I got “The Complete Turtletrader” book for only US$17.13 (AUD$19.99) – if I had bought it at my local bookstore or even the internet bookstores located in Australia I would have spent about $30-$35 for the book.

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