Best Performing Stocks for Week 14 of 2008

Submitted by Craig Strzelecki on 5 April, 2008 - 12:25

Centro Properties (CPN) was the overall best performing stock taking in a 42.10 percent increase. Among the best performing stocks for the week 14 of 2008 on the Australian sharemarket were a mixture of retail, learning services, project development, iron exploration, and property management: Centro Properties (CNP), ABC Learning (ABS), Leighton Holdings (LEI), Sundance Resources (SDL), APN UKA European Retail Property (AEZ). The best performing stocks for the week 14 managed gains above 17.13 percent by the end of the trading week.

Centro Properties, a retail investment organisation specialising in the ownership, management and development of retail shopping centres, was the best performing stocks on the ASX 100 index seeing 42.10 percent increase, adding 12 cents and closing at 41 cents. ABC Learning, which focuses on providing high quality, affordable care and education for families, came in the second position adding 29 cents, closing at $1.60 and increasing 22.13 percent. ABC Learning was followed by Leighton Holdings, which offer a broad range of project development and contracting services and skills to public and private sector clients from a wide range of industries, adding $6.95 (closing $47.50, +17.13%). On the ASX 200 index, Centro Properties was the best performing stock. Centro Properties was followed by Sundance Resources, an international Iron exploration company based in Perth and having the key iron ore project located in Mbalam – Cameroon, seeing 26.08 percent rise, adding 6 cents and closing at 29 cents. APN UKA European Retail Property, a specialist international property funds manager that was established in 1998 having numerous differentiated property funds for a range of clients and advisers in the wholesale, institutional, investment platform and retail markets, came third in the list adding 7 cents and closing at 38 cents (+22.95%).