Best Performing Stocks for the Week 8 of 2008

Submitted by Share Trading on 23 February, 2008 - 15:49

Perilya (PEM) was the overall best performing stock taking in a 18.9 percent increase in its share price this week. It was a mixture of metal mining, engineering and logistics companies who were among the best performing stocks for the week 8 of 2008 on the Australian stockmarket: Downer EDI (DOW), Oxiana (OXR), CSL (CSL), Perilya (PEM), Boom Logistics (BOL) and Kagara (KZL). These best performing stocks for week 8 of 2008 managed gains above 12 percent by the end of the trading week. Metal mining companies were dominating both the ASX 100 index and the ASX 200 index in the best performing stock list.

Downer EDI, the mining, transportation and engineering company took the ribbon for the best performing stock for the ASX 100 index seeing 18.1 percent increase, adding 90 cents and closing at $5.87. Oxiana, the international mining and exploration company which is proposed to be merged with Zinifex came in the second position adding 58 cents, increasing 18 percent and closing at $3.80. CSL secured the third place by adding $3.46 (+10.7%) and closing at $35.51. On the ASX 200 index, Perilya, Australian based metal mining and exploration company secured the first place adding 29 cents, increasing 18.9% and closing at $1.82 at the and of the trading week. Downer EDI and Oxiana secured second and third positions of the list. Boom Logistics came next in the line seeing 17.1 percent increase, adding 14 cents and closing at 92 cents. Boom Logistics was followed by Kagara, another metal mining company closing at $4.98 (+$0.54, +12.1%). Two of top three ASX 100 companies were listed under ASX 200 top three for the past trading week.