An American Hedge Fund: Tim Sykes

Submitted by Marco on 1 August, 2007 - 11:36

An American Hedge Fund

I like to read various trading books to keep sharpening my trading skills. You tend to pick up a trick or two or be inspired to improve your trading when you read any trading books. I was asked by Tim Sykes to review a proof of his book... so I obliged.

Join Tim Sykes on this exciting roller coaster ride that is stock trading. From baseball card trader to online stock enthusiast, to active day trader, hedge fund manager, reality TV star and trading educator he continuously adapts to changing markets: an important trading skill. No sound investment strategies to be found here!

In his new book "An American Hedge Fund", Tim Sykes successfully introduces the reader to his world of trading. The book is about the road he took from an online stock trader enthusiast to a hedge fund. He describes everything from the neurosis of the hours leading up to a market opening, to the ugly girls in his university campus to the depression that follows big losses in a captivating and entertaining manner.

If you're a stock trader, this book is a must read and a great addition to your library. Any trader will relate to many of his thoughts and insights into trading. Just have a read a few of these quotes from his book:

"It is gambling, but it is researched gambling."
"...many of my largest trading losses were due to a lack of discipline..."

The book starts at the beginning, giving details about his natural entrepreneurial abilities and his developing mindset in his youth. That was the time when he learned valuable lessons that would later shape his trading style.

"Working hard and staying focused was the key to my short term success,but in the long run, my obsession with winning led me to take short cuts that undercut any possibility for long term success."

From his youth, he also grew interested in stocks but also realised that because his starting capital was only $12,400, he can only effectively afford to trade penny stocks using a discount online broker. From there he had a streak of trading successes using his strategies. From a trader he continuously sought bigger ways to profit from the market and that's how he found himself in the hedge fund business and now in the trading education market.

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