CSL Vaccines and Cancer Update

Submitted by Craig Strzelecki on 21 May, 2007 - 20:58

Citi Investment Research have provided an update to CSL's operations: A US study at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) has shown people with prior HPV-16 infection were 32 times more likely to develop throat cancer, a much higher risk than that attributed to smoking or heavy alcohol intake. People with six or more lifetime oral sex partners were more at risk, with eight times the increased risk of developing oropharyngeal cancer, induced by HPV genomic instability. Professor Ian Frazer, who co-developed the Gardasil vaccine, stated that the evidence was "compelling" in linking HPV as a major factor in the development of oropharyngeal cancer. The research is indicating that oral HPV is sexually acquired, and that the cancer has risen in the USA since 1973. Head and throat cancers are responsible for an estimated 10% of all cancers. If HPV-16 is implicated in 26% of them, it substantially strengthens the case to vaccinate male as well as female populations. To date, this is only occurring in Austria. Value of Gardasil vaccine could double If governments worldwide decided on the basis of this research to extend the funding of the vaccine to males as well as to females, then this would double our current valuation of the vaccine to $11.40 a share.

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