Keycorp (KYC): Worst Performing Company of the Week

Submitted by Marco on 26 November, 2006 - 10:08

Keycorp (KYC) Chart

Keycorp (KYC) was the worst performing company of the week (Week 47 of 2006) on the Australian sharemarket. (Loser of the week) The company share price fell 15 percent on the week after their AGM.

Keycorp Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) under stock code KYC. You can view their investor website here. KYC was listed on the ASX on 2 July, 1987. Keycorp is involved in research, development, manufacture and marketing of electronic payment terminals for financial and other applications and research, design, manufacture and marketing of smartcard operating systems. Browse for Australian stockbroker recommendations. Check your charts and good luck with your share trading!