CMC Markets Down

Submitted by Marco on 16 September, 2006 - 20:55

When looking for CFD dealers and stock brokers you want them to be perfect in everyway here was a glitch that occurred with CMC Markets. Here's a preview:

Yesterday (Friday), I was looking on opening a new forex position using CMC Markets as my dealer. I was using their CMC Markets Mobile Marketmaker platform when every order I put through got rejected. I had the perfect entry, the perfect setup. Then after 10 minutes, the forex markets had already moved too much out of my entry zone so I got a little irritated. I had the right trading margins and everything. So I gave CMC Markets a call. It was all due to a glitch. This multi-million dollar CFD market maker/dealer with a huge amount of volume was stuffed for the day. And I thought this CFD dealer was perfect in every way. I guess, for those traders looking for a bad aspect about CMC Markets, here it is.

Full article can be found here. Here's an update on the situation.

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