I'm Back from Holidays!

Submitted by Marco on 1 August, 2006 - 11:20

I have just arrived this morning from Manila, Philippines! Back from a week of holidaying around the Islands: Specifically around the Manila and Cebu cities. The weather was good. Tropical but it was their monsoon, so it was raining heavily every now and then. Except for Cebu. Cebu had perfect tropical weather. Blue skies. Warm air. And now I'm back in this fridge we call Sydney :) It was indeed a well needed break from the markets as well as from reality. Blogging will be back on schedule soon.

Look out! I'm back from holidays!

(Important news while I was away: Howard staying on board for next election. It's highly likely that the Reserve Bank of Australia will announce a 0.25 percent rate rise tomorrow, Wednesday 2nd august 2007. And the war between Israel and Hezbollah hasn't finished yet)

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