Nylex (NLX) Stock Biggest Gain on ASX

Submitted by Marco on 4 June, 2006 - 22:55

Surprise surpise! Nylex (NLX) makes it as the largest gainer on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) for week 22 of 2006 closing the week at 5.4 cents. Nylex is up 19 per cent recovering from the 25 per cent fall from last week. Nylex has been the loser of the week for two weeks running: here and here.

Note: The price graph for Nylex has a logarithmic price axis.

The Logarithmic Price or a

The Logarithmic Price or a Log Scale used for the price axis better gauges a price movement. This is because the log scale graph is based on percentage movement. For example the distance from $1 to $2 is the same as from $10 to $20 on a log scale graph. Both represent a doubling of a price.