Stock Winners and Losers of the Week

Submitted by Marco on 19 May, 2006 - 22:57

Have you noticed a pattern in the winners and losers of each and every week? The winners and losers of each week is based on the percentage gain or lost during the week. It is also more likely that the stock is worth less than $10. It is rare for stocks worth more than that to move much percentage-wise in a week. Also, many of the shares that post a winner of the week or as a loser of the week are already following an established trend.

Have you noticed that most of the winning stocks of the week are almost always already on an uptrend channel? And this is also true conversely. The loser stock of the week is almost always already in an established downtrend - which then made a tremendous break downwards to become the loser of the week.

As for the stock being worth less than $10, consider this... for a stock worth $5 to move 20 per cent in a week, it must move add $1 to its worth. For a stock like BHP worth around $30 to move 20% in a week, the stock price needs to accumulate $6 in a week. Although stocks like BHP are volatile and have the potential to move $1 or $2 in a day it is less likely for it to move $6 in a week.

Although I don't personally trade these stocks, I thought it may be of use to some of my readers who may use related trading techniques. Check your charts!

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