Forex Trading Hypothetical eBook

Submitted by Marco on 6 May, 2006 - 23:39

Forex Trading Hypothetical eBook For Your Downloading Pleasure

This is my second free trading ebook. Its about trading forex (again), but the same technical analysis prinicples are used in trading stocks - such as basic usage of support and resistance as well as trading channels are explored. In this eBook I look at a "trading hypothetical" - basically a trade that I didn't participate in, but I observed the characterstics of the trade. You can download your copy of the eBook here.

I didn't participate in the trade for a number of reasons:
1) I was unsure about what will happen - it was the first time I witnessed any currency move so explosively
2) I was too excited - my mind is playing tricks on me. Need to keep your cool, especially when you trade a volatile commodity like currency.

This hypothetical trade was basically an exercise to increase my trading confidence for the next time an event or circumstances similar to this.

You can download the first ebook here.

I will eventually get around to making some Trading Journal eBooks about my previous stock trades...