The Holy Grail of Share Trading

Submitted by Marco on 2 May, 2006 - 21:18

All traders are after the holy grail of share trading. If you are trading and not seeking that holy grail of trading, well what are you after? Are you after excitement? Are you after an adrenalin rush? Anyway, as I've established before, the markets is all about making money, and to make money you need to be profitable in your share trading. So I'm going to assume from now on that all share market traders are in the markets to make a tidy profit. And therefore all traders are after the holy grail. And some may have already have found that holy grail of trading stocks in the markets.

So what is the holy grail of share trading? There is no one holy grail. There is one unique holy grail for each one of us. The holy grail of trading is the winning technique or the winning trading style that works for each one of us. There is no one magic trading technique or style. There is no 'one size fits all' trading technique. This is because we are all in different situations. Some people are capital rich. Some people are capital poor. A group of maybe adverse to risk while others are able to take larger risks. These are all factors in reaching our holy grail of trading.

From my short experience in trading, I found that once you found something that works for you, you tend to repeat it over and over. It’s something like a cash cow. Keep churning cash out of the cow until the technique doesn’t work anymore. Finding a holy grail doesn’t mean you should stop seeking for others - as one day you may find that cup that served you well for a period of time would one day be exhausted.

What works for me may not work for you because of my unique circumstances and different financial goals. Anyone else’s trading style may not work for you as their financial circumstances and goals won’t be exactly the same as yours. The journey to your holy grail of share trading is about experimenting with your trading. To take records of your trades and keeping a journal of what you thought and felt about your trade. It is also about continuously educating yourself about trading, continuously learning about different techniques and styles - to find out if you can use any of the techniques in your trading. Good luck in your journey for your holy grail!