Sound Effects for Trigger Stock Price Notification

Submitted by Marco on 27 April, 2006 - 19:30

I was trading forex again... yes, I know, this is a share trading blog. But I think it is related, as it is still TRADING. Trading is certainly a transferable skill. And forex certainly does teach you to enforce those stops. Anyway, working away at my laptop the other day, I noticed that my productivity went down since I kept switching screens (ALT+TAB) to check out the current prices, watching the stock prices rise and fall. Now, I have two strategies that I know of that will keep my productivity levels high while still being able to trade efficiently. One is to buy another screen and set it to my side and the other is to set a trigger price at which I would action my trade - either to sell short or buy long into the trade. the first one is an expensive option - but I will be buying myself another screen in the coming weeks. The latter can be actionable now.

The software that I'm using for trading is MarketMaker from CMC Markets. With this software package you can set it to give you a visual alert, audio alert or an email alert. I chose a visual alert (gives you a pop up box, then the alert is triggered) and the audio alert. But I didn't want any ordinary alert, so i went hunting around for some movie special effects and quotes. I found Reel Wavs to be a great source for these, with short wavs of quotes from movies. I downloaded a few like "Run Forrest Run!" from Forrest Gump and "You Talkin' To Me?" from Taxi Driver. Then I went to activate them - then I found that the software only takes .au type sounds. DAMMIT! So now I went out to find these .au sound types and I found this website that had only a few sounds. I downloaded a Star Wars quote - "May the Force be with You, Always." Yes, may the force be with me as I trade shares (and forex).

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